Optical fiber is a technology allowing access to the internet. To transfer data and allow a connection, optical fiber passes through glass or plastic wires, unlike ADSL which passes through copper cable. To deploy and ensure the operation of optical fiber, the installation of a new network is therefore necessary, since the technology is not at all the same. The right unifi broadband can offer you a great relief.

This is why not all accommodation is eligible for it yet. Fiber is being installed gradually on French territory, and many homes cannot yet benefit from the advantages of optical fiber and continue to take out ADSL internet subscriptions.

Optical Fiber VS ADSL: What Are The Advantages?

The main advantage of optical fiber compared to ADSL (which passes through a copper cable) is that you will have a much higher connection speed: the speed for a connection with the fiber is at least 300 Mbits per second, when for ADSL, it is between 1 and 15 Mbits per second. Also, it is impossible to benefit from a symmetrical flow with an ADSL connection. Downloads with optical fiber will therefore be much faster than with an ADSL connection.

Fiber optic vs adslFor example, you will take about 15 minutes to download a 30 GB film with ADSL, against 4 minutes with fiber. Also, the optical fiber connection is much more stable than that of ADSL, which is much more sensitive to disturbances on the network.

The Other Advantage

Another advantage of fiber optics is that if your TV goes through the Internet, you can also enjoy very high definition on your TV. Also, if several people are connected to the Internet at the same time in your household, you will not have a bandwidth problem, which is more common with ADSL. Whatever the number of devices connected at the same time in your home, the connection will always be as powerful.


Finally, the quality of the optical fiber connection does not make it a more expensive subscription: if you are eligible for fiber in your home, you will therefore have everything to gain by equipping yourself with a fiber internet offer. optical, rather than an internet box working with ADSL.