The disadvantages of buying a house 2021 are certainly minor compared to the list of positives. Despite this, it should be emphasized that they may concern the expenses already mentioned, such as those relating to the renovation of the property or maintenance costs. With the Pandan Indah condo for sale you can now discover the best solutions.

However, the fact of the mortgage is also very important:

If it were necessary to request it in order to buy a Pandan Indah apartment, it must be assessed whether, in a pandemic period like this, it is possible to sustain the payments and interest. It can therefore be said that the negative aspects can mainly concern expenses and also wrong analyzes, such as the discourse on the mortgage and the possible impossibility of being able to keep it once contracted.

Given the presence of the advantages, however, and also of the current trend of the real estate market, it can also be indicated that, at least for this year, it would seem convenient to buy a Pandan Indah condo, especially as regards the category of residential properties. However, it is advisable to always and exclusively contact professionals in order to carefully evaluate a possible purchase, before making it. In this way you will avoid making mistakes and especially difficult to manage expenses.

Twelve checks not to be underestimated. Here are some basic checks to do before signing any purchase proposal on a property:

Verification of the provenance and ownership of the property

It is necessary to make sure that whoever gives the assignment to sell the property is really the owner, or has a notarial power of attorney from the owners who delegate him to deal with the sale. The ownership of the property is clear from the last deed of provenance, which may be a deed, a succession or a donation. To remember: a simple cadastral survey is not enough; the land register by law is not evidence of the property.

Verification of the presence of a donation

When you want to buy a property, it is necessary to verify that the last deed of provenance is not a deed of donation, and that there have been no donations in the last 20 years. This practice carries the risk that a person excluded from the deed, even after the purchase, could claim real rights on the property and take possession of it.

Verification of the town planning and cadastral regularity of the property

Each property, in order to be sold, must have a document, drawn up by a qualified professional, which certifies its urban planning and cadastral regularity. At the time of the deed, there cannot be any discrepancies between the present state of the property and what was deposited in the public registers.

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