A separate type of real estate is apartments in clubhouses, where all neighbours are about the same level, where top managers and business owners live. Apartments in such houses belong to the segment of business class, or premium class, all of them are already sold a priori with parking. At the very top of this real estate parade, is luxury housing. It is very easy to distinguish houses with such apartments these are expensive, beautiful houses with their own architectural style, each apartment in which, like a pearl, is not like the others. They differ in layouts and original design solutions; you can often find panoramic glazing or your own terrace in the Pandan Indah KL or simply a condo for sale Pandan Indah.  

How to choose the type of house

It’s no secret that our houses are built from completely different materials. And, each time faced with a characteristic of the type of house, you have to go into additional reference books and study the question – and from some materials, the house will be better. The funny thing is that the experts do not have an exact and specific answer to this question. 

The Earlier Houses

If earlier brick houses were considered the best, then over time the technologies have changed and now, when monolithic construction is taking place on the market, many experts are inclined towards brick-monolith houses. These are warm and durable houses with good noise insulation, with the ability to use any architectural solutions, but they also have a minus – this is the price. 

But, for example, apartments in panel houses will cost less, but with this construction technology, re-planning is impossible. As for the direct choice of the material from which the house is built, in this case, it will still be secondary in relation to such factors as, for example, the age of the house, its durability, the developer and the contractor if the house was recently erected. Therefore, experts are inclined to conclude that what material is not so important, but the state of the house itself is more important. Modern panel houses built using seamless technology are in no way inferior in quality to brick-monolithic houses. 

The Block Houses

The blockhouses were built in Soviet times, and it cannot be said that they were worse, because due to the use of three layers in one block, the thermal insulation of such houses was very high. But it was not without flaws here either, because of the joints between the blocks, the walls in such houses were uneven. Therefore, now, when it comes to the construction of mass-market houses, most often they use either a monolithic frame and plus various options, or a panel using seamless technology.

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