Nowadays, many people use social media because there are many benefits that they can get using social media such as can communicate, news, education, market their business, and many more. You can check out on the internet to know more about another benefit that social media can give to us but today we are not going to talk about that. We are going to list some social media that is quite popular in Malaysia


Facebook is quite popular in Malaysia and many people use it. For about more than 15 years Malaysian people really love to use it. This social media is not only famous and popular in Malaysia but also in other countries. There are many content people share on Facebook such as news, videos, pictures, and many more. 


Twitter is popular among young teenagers because they really like to read a simple but the content is direct can understand. This app has a limit of words to tweet so if the user wants to write more than the limit, they need to tweet another tweet. It is really good for young teenagers because they really dislike read long paragraphs and passages. If you ever wonder why you should hire a cleaner for your house, click here.


This is a perfect social media to share photos because all you can send to the feed is photos and videos. They can share their outfit of the day (OOTD) do a short Vlog also do market their product. Instagram also has a new feature which is a marketplace that people can easily buy and sell their products. 


Snapchat normally is used by young teenagers because it suits them more than adults and old folks. You can use many camera filters that are so awesome and cool, just choose, pick and snap. You also can record videos while using the filter. There is a variety of filters that you can find on this app, just tell what kind of filter that you want. There are the funny, beautiful, ugly, old, young, anime, and many more filters that you can choose from. 


This app is quite fun because you can share videos here. Before this, Tiktok is one of the apps that people really dislike because there are only people dance here but not anymore because there is a lot of useful content that you can find here such as tips, tutorials, motivation, skincare, healthcare, and many more. Just choose the content that you like. The new features of Tiktok are now you can easily make a living but make sure you have a bunch of followers first. 

If you do not download all this app yet, maybe you should try to do it now. You also can get many benefits if you download all these social media apps. Social media is a kind of trend to market products so if you interest to market your product why not go here to know famous social marketing services Malaysia or join social media companies Malaysia to get Malaysia’s social media marketing services. Trust me it is really worth it.