A Medical Assistant is a person responsible for completing clinical administrative tasks in doctors ’offices, hospitals, and other medical centers. Assigned tasks vary by location, specifications, and practice.

Medical Assistant Diploma graduates can work as Medical Assistants. The medical assistant better known as a medical assistant  (MA) is to train students to improve their skills and knowledge in the field of medicine. This medical assistant is neither a doctor nor a nurse, yet this career has a certain place in medicine. For your information, this career started as early as the colonial era of Ingeeris who was initially known as Desser, and changed over time to be known as the Medical Assistant which remains to this day. This ijazah pembantu perubatan career is oriented towards the elements of promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in the care and treatment of patients.

ijazah pembantu perubatan

Diploma in medical assistant

Due to the rapid development in medicine and healthcare, the needs of different users, needs, and demands for professionals in the field of medicine are very important. In 2022, the Medical Assistant industry will have the biggest number of job openings. The Malaysian Diploma in Medical Assistant program provides a thorough education that prepares graduates to pursue medical careers.

The Diploma in Medical Assistant is a program that prepares graduates to work as Medical Assistants by providing them with the necessary information, skills, and attitudes. They looked at all of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in humans and patients, as well as the cellular and molecular connections between them. Graduates of the Diploma in Medical Assistant program will be able to understand, diagnose, and treat patients with ease, as well as care for and heal them.

This program is a 3 -year full-time course. The program has been approved by both the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia as well as the Malaysian Medical Board. The program allows graduates to fulfill their ambitions to work in medicine and healthcare in the private or government sector. The scope of the profession changes over time.

Employment opportunities

Graduates do not have to worry about job opportunities in this field. This is because apart from being a medical assistant, there are many other jobs that require your services including in health clinics. You can also further your studies to a higher level in related fields such as Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s, or PhD to ensure a brighter life. Apart from furthering your studies, you can also apply for jobs in the public or private sectors. Among the job opportunities offered in this field are:

  • Assistant medical officer (SPA)
  • Assistant medical officer in the private sector
  • Instructor (Requires Degree, Master, phd)
  • Working in oil companies

Opportunity to work abroad

The primary scope of a medical assistant is to collect and keep a patient’s medical records confidential for discussion with a physician about the patient’s treatment. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a system used to increase efficiency in the medical field and become paper independently. Medical Assistants should study this system in this area of ​​scope from health centers to large hospitals.

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