I know some parents have trouble when it comes to bonding time with your children. They can be annoying but it stills your kid. When you’re running out of ideas for where else to visit on the weekend, spending time with your kids at home can actually be fun. You can also be frugal! In this article, we have compiled a list of interesting activities you can do with your family at home.

First; Painting And Coloring

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Let’s start with an easy hobby you can do with the kids. Your child can draw and color to fill their free time. Buy them a large piece of paper and set rules for them to fill out the entirety of each paper before moving on to other activities. Let them use their imagination! However, you should draw with your children as well. This can be a family activity that is quite fun. If you want to try something different, try using different art tools for coloring, not just using watercolors. You can also use cotton, stones, pebbles, vegetables or crumpled papers. Use paint with these tools.

Second; Easy Cooking With The Kids Or Baking Cake 

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Children are often barred from entering the kitchen because they are feared to injure themselves if they are with knives or glassware. When children can think for themselves, parents should tell their child about the dangers of playing in the kitchen, rather than just forbidding them without giving any explanation. Take them for a walk around the kitchen and let them help you as you cook to gain experience. As long as you keep an eye on your child and guide them, there will be no danger! Let them try something as simple as making a sandwich or pancakes, biscuits, popsicles or even pizza! It will be a fun time for you and the little one! You can read this article for simple recipes that can be used with your child.

Third; Marathon Film or Movie Night 

Watching movies with your family is fun. Suggest this activity to your child, they must have fun! Make your movie marathon even more exciting by setting a theme! For example, everyone can dress up like a superhero and watch a Marvel movie in a row. If you can’t afford to spend the whole day watching a movie with them, try watching it at night! So what you can do is watch films that are suitable for the whole family. 

Fourth: Building PC Setup 

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Last but not least, this is suitable with your older kids such as 16 or 18 years old. When building a monitor and pc setup for your kids, choose the right ones. You might also need IT support solutions Kuala Lumpur

In Conclusion

It is important to spend time with your children because at the end of the day, family matters. It is your child after all.  Make time and spend it with them since you don’t know then the time will last. Make memories while you can. 

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