Gutters and downspouts are essential parts of most roofs to remove rainwater avoiding damage to the roof, the facade, and the structure of the house. Exposure to harsh climates can cause holes, breaks, leaks and corrosion, affecting the performance of your gutters.

Rust buildup can corrode materials like steel, while brass or aluminum gutters can be broken by branches or damaged in the rain. The joint joints that connect the gutters can deteriorate, causing leaks and leaks. For this reason, it is very important to find a solution before the accumulated humidity causes serious damage to the home.

In case the damage is not very serious and you need to patch a tear with a good quality product, you can try pattex power tape. It has strong binding power, is waterproof, air pressure-resistant, and works both outdoors and indoors. Read on to find out how to fix gutters, avoiding problems before they cause damage as per the gutter repair Malaysia experts.

How to fix gutter joints 

A broken gasket is one of the most common causes of leaks and leaks. Breaks can be fixed with a patch, or by changing the gasket. However, professionals fix their joints using strong sealants for this type of job. Learn in a simple way how to fix gutter joints.

Clean the gutter. Remove any debris or leaf debris from the gutter. Scrape off the rust with a wire brush or cut off the rusted part with a short sheet metal scissors. If you can, use a hose to pressure-clean the gutters and allow them to dry so the sealant has better adhesion.

Prepare to seal. To seal joint joints, it is recommended pattex uno for all universal. With this product you can seal materials such as metal (except copper and brass), unplasticized pvc, wood, brick, ceramic, stone, and many others. It is perfect for the repair of gutters and other types of objects such as door and window frames, ceramics, tiles and ventilation pipes. 

Apply the sealer. Apply the product with constant pressure so that it penetrates well into the joint. Then press the materials against each other until they finish curing (about 24 hours). If necessary, hold the brackets to maintain pressure.

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