As you may know, the coronavirus has forced us into locking ourselves up in our own homes. With nothing to do and unable to go out, most of us are left bored as we cycle through the various social media platforms, videos and whatever dramas we’re watching. But for those of us that are working, staying at home is both a blessing and a curse. While we are able to work comfortably at home, companies are not able to generate enough revenue to pay the full amount of their employees’ salaries due to the economy facing a recession. Eventually, it leads to some companies having to let go of some of their employees or close for good in the worst case scenario. Because of that, most people are desperately looking for a way to generate income at home. This leads to multi level marketing, or MLM, receiving a surge in popularity recently as it promises an easy way for their distributors to earn money at home.

The way how MLM companies work is they recruit people in any platform to become distributors of their products. In order to start officially as a distributor, some MLM companies would have you pay a start-up cost while some would give you a certain amount of their products for free during your first few months. Then, you are responsible for selling your products to whoever you can get in contact with. Because of its surge in popularity, MLM companies have difficulties in uploading the necessary documents for everyone and keeping up communications between both customers and distributors. In order to help these MLM companies have an easier time to do their business, MLM softwares is created by software developers.

So, what’s so important about a binary system mlm? To start, one of the best functions of a MLM software is that it helps MLM companies to automate some of the most tedious steps in the industry while you can focus on other parts of your business. It also acts as a platform for distributors and suppliers to communicate easily in addition to customizing the UI that allows users to apply different colors to help recognize different groups. As new members start to accumulate, distributing the educational material can be tedious. These materials can be uploaded in the software and allows anyone to download the material whenever they need it.

However, the MLM industry is infamous for using a pyramid scheme and scamming many of their distributors. LaLuRoe is one of the few MLM companies who sees the pandemic as the perfect business opportunity to recruit many of their loyal customers to become a distributor and earn money while they are stuck at home. Although they earned billions during this process, they were found using the pyramid scheme to earn their money. So, if you plan to invest into MLM, make sure you get the advice of professionals to ensure that you can safely start your career.

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