Over a decade or two ago, when the modern-day internet did not exist, how did people advertise their products? 

Did they rely on phone calls since that was the most prominent means of communication and technology? Did they use online forums? Did they use the power of televised advertisements? 

The younger generation may never have a clear understanding of how marketing worked in the past. The marketing campaigns back in the day involved a whole lot of interactions with huge gestures in real life. From exclusive runway shows to huge billboards and TV product placement stunts, we can never forget the amazing stunts that were deployed. 

The Nike sneakers in the Forrest Gump movie, Wilson the ball in Castaway, Google in the internship, Reese’s piece in ET are all famous movie placements that were done and were hugely successful. But these are still done in the modern days. Products placements are a subtle way of gaining your customers’ subconscious attention and improving the brand’s relevancy in the customer’s eye. 

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Even though some of the marketing gimmicks and strategies remained even in the modern marketing campaign, most of these have changed with the disruption of the internet. The way consumers have interacted with brands has changed because of digital literacy and it was only fair that all the companies and branding agency Malaysia followed suit to adapt to the new modern world.

Because of the internet disruption, some of the changes that have been taking place were already predicted by major innovators like Microsoft’s bill gates and Steve Jobs. They played a huge role in the way we use marketing to brand ourselves. They heavily relied on improving customer relationships using the connectivity given by the world of the internet and diversified the way they provided marketing services. From using products reviews, samples, technology intensified loyalty programs, social media, email marketing, and analytics to create billion-dollar worth brands, the world has endless opportunities as a result of the internet.

The Internet made it possible for many small businesses to progress because, unlike the past days, marketing is actually much more affordable now. People did not need a huge thousand-dollar billboard to get their business going but rather need consistent effort on platforms like social media. They need adept skills in digital copywriting to grab the attention of customers and strategize the way they spend on the internet. 

Another way the internet changed the way people do marketing is because of the power of data is provided. Big billion-dollar brands like Apple and google succeeded because they used millions of data points to innovate their products and develop according to customer behavior. The marketing shifted from being centric on the business’s needs to customers’ needs. And the customer-centricity would have been impossible without the internet. Analytics and data are need for all businesses trying to make a difference. It is not only tech companies that need to invest in digital equipment, even fashion, lingerie, education, and sports equipment need to use the internet to keep up with the current market. 

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