Most of us who were born in the Internet age don’t think about whether Wi-Fi is bad for us. It’s the older generation who struggle with it. But do things we take for granted really need no attention at all? The harm of unseen harm is more powerful. Therefore, the safe use of wireless networks is very important.

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First of all, mobile phones have been proven to have considerable radiation, which will do harm to our health when used for a long time. Now quite a few people have noticed this problem. Wireless networks are certainly radiating, although there is no definitive test to date to draw detailed conclusions about the electromagnetic hazards of wireless networks. However, as a modern person, the principle of accepting new technology is to maximize the advantages and avoid the disadvantages.

Radiation is harmful to the elderly, children and pregnant women

In the process of using wireless network, wireless router, wireless AP and other devices emit radio waves all the time. High doses of electromagnetic radiation will affect and destroy the original biological current and biological magnetic field of the human body, so that the original electromagnetic field in the human body is abnormal. Different people or the same person in different age groups bear different abilities to electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, the elderly, children, pregnant women are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, their resistance is weaker, and should be our key protection people.

Radiation from wireless networks is actually very weak

The amount of radiation depends mainly on the amount of transmitted power. At present, the products sold in the market are generally in line with the European and American radio safety standards. Mobile phones can reach more than 1W when the power is large, and the transmitting power of most wireless routers is between 50mW to 100mW, while the power of wireless network cards is generally below 10mW.

Replacing a high-gain antenna does not increase radiation

The antenna gain of current wireless network products on the market is generally 2dBi and 3dBi. For wireless signal expansion, some users prefer to replace antennas with higher gain. Since the antenna is a passive device, there is no increase in power, no matter how much gain of the antenna, it will not transmit more power than 50mW. Transmitting power mainly depends on transmitting hot-spot, that is, wireless router and wireless AP itself. As long as their power meets safety standards, people can safely switch to high-gain antennas.

Mechanism of radiation damage to human body

What effect does radiation have on the human body? The first is the thermal effect. The water molecules of the human body are rubbed against each other by electromagnetic radiation, causing the body to heat up, thus affecting the normal work of internal organs. The second effect is non-thermal. Once the electromagnetic field of the human body is interfered with by the external electromagnetic field, the human body will also suffer damage. The third is the cumulative effect. After the thermal effect and non-thermal effect act on the human body, and the human body gets electromagnetic waves radiated again, its harm degree can produce accumulation. Over time, it can become a permanent, life-threatening condition.

Therefore, we should place wireless routers and wireless APs far away from people or bedrooms, and try to avoid the elderly, children, and pregnant women from close and long-term contact with wireless routers and other devices. Power should be turned off before going to bed at night. In addition, attention should be paid to avoid wireless products too close to audio, television and other electronic equipment, to prevent mutual interference to produce other radiation. As long as people keep a distance from them, avoid the cumulative effects of living in a wireless environment for a long time, and develop good use habits, it won’t cause too much of a problem.

In this Internet age, wireless networks are essential. Therefore, after understanding the hidden dangers of wireless networks, we will pay attention to safe use. For more details, check out the following website:

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