Ever since formulated milk being publicized as harmful to infant’s health, stunting their growth together with other potential disadvantages,  parents have resorted to the utilization of breastmilk for their newborns. Having said that, there are many precautions mothers need to hold themselves accountable for in times of lactation to keep cross-contamination at bay. Bear in mind that anything consumed by the mothers will instantly be assimilated with their breast milk. Suppose you are a beginner mother new to this subject matter, fret not, we have shortlisted a few most commonly made mistakes you must not be guilty of for the betterment of your newborn. 

Smoking And Drinking 

Two most dangerous culprits to a healthy lactation being smoking and drinking. When one smokes and drinks, nicotine, and alcohol will be infused down her bloodstream which then merged with her breast milk. Having breast milk contaminated with catastrophic chemical composition and serving it to their newborns is equivalent to having your newborn smoke and drink. Suppose you are a veteran of both of these practices, try your very best to stay away from them amidst this very pivotal period of yours. There are numerous meaningful leisure activities you can consider getting your head in the game with such as reading, painting, journaling, yoga, so on and so forth that distract your minds from committing to these two death traps. 


Whilst coffee poses less threat to our health, there are cases where newborns struggle from sleep deprivation post consuming breast milk that contains caffeine. We apprehend fairly well how kickstarting a brand new day without a cup of coffee is as though the sun rises at dawn and sets in the morning, everything just wouldn’t seem to work right. With that being said, be considerate of the sake of your newborn. They do not essentially taste the flavor of the coffee but the caffeine that has been fused with your breast milk that keeps them awake at night.

Anything Harmful To Your Health

If you are allergic to certain stuff which may trigger an awful reaction in your post-consumption, think about how worse it could possibly be if you put your infant in the same situation. Stay away from greasy and heaty food like fast food, snacks, overload desserts so on and so forth; but rather, focus on the intake of more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Once you consume enough of those, you can skip spending money on getting organic dry foods and items that cost you an arm and a leg. 

Bottom Line

Bear in mind that once you have a baby, you are not just living for yourself but for your infant as well. Anything that you consume amidst lactation leaves an immense impact on the health of your child so please take everything into serious consideration before putting them into your mouth. You may also want to look into lansinoh disposable nursing pads malaysia to avoid leakages.