One of the oldest healthcare professions in the world is nursing. It is an incredibly diverse occupation that ranges from cardiac nursing to emergency nursing and is practiced in a variety of different environments. Apart from the traditional settings of hospitals, clinics, healthcare, and rehabilitation centers, nurses can also serve in the military, be legal consultants, and work as health and patient advocates. Nurses can also work in the research world and publish articles and books relevant to their specialization. 

Nursing is considered to be one of the most noble professions in the world. It requires dedication, determination, and inexhaustible compassion. In many healthcare concerned situations nurses are the first point of contact when it comes to reviewing and addressing the patient and their family. They provide necessary answers about the medical procedures as well as assurances to the understandably concerned family. Nursing does not only require a fundamental understanding of all things related to the human body but also an innate, almost intrinsic perception of the human condition. 

Since its conceptualization, nursing has evolved, but the basic building blocks of the vocation are still the same, sympathy, empathy, and compassion; regardless of the inconsistent and sometimes downright hostile behaviour of the patients or their families. 

Diploma in nursing

Nursing has always been a giving profession that has necessitated its practitioners to wear multiple hats. From healthcare providers to mediators between the doctor and the patient to advocates for the patients, nurses are truly an indispensable cog of the frontline industry. 

A nursing professional’s job scope can be broadly categorized into the following three areas, 

A field as varied as nursing would imply the need for long-term formal education, but that is not the case. Nursing diplomas, the oldest form of nursing schooling and training, require three years of formal education and graduates of the programme gain fundamental knowledge regarding the occupation. Nursing diplomas do not have close ended applications and open multiple doors in the discipline. The diplomas equip the holders with foundational information in a variety of medical branches such as human anatomy, microbiology, bodily nutrition, physiology, and mental health and so on. A person with a nursing diploma can work as a nursing assistant and rise up to the rank of nurse in-charge of a healthcare organization. 

A professional nurse does not have to work on the basis of a binding contract and can choose to be a travelling nurse. A travelling nurse is a certified nurse who works with an independent nursing agency and is temporarily assigned to different locations nationally and internationally.

diploma in nursing

Widad University College offers a very strong and extensive course in terms of diploma in nursing. It has a three year long programme that can be undertaken as soon as one has completed their SPM qualifications. Following their diploma, the graduates are considered eligible candidates for Bachelors’ degrees in Nursing Teaching, Clinical Nursing Specialist, Nursing Management, Masters, and PhD in nursing. 

An honourable and virtuous pursuit, nursing is an incredibly daunting profession that requires genuine care and concern for human life. Despite the daunting nature, though, nursing truly is one of the most rewarding careers one could pursue.  

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