Renting business and real estate business in Malaysia is very common and this business is becoming more valuable over the past years. It has numerous real estate agencies and dealers who are working in the real estate business. Renting property in Malaysia is very important because a huge number of people in Malaysia live in rented houses. When a renting property is so influential then the renters have few problems regarding renting property. A renter has to face a few difficulties. These difficulties or predicaments are very great.

Residency near their workplace:

The most important problem a renter has is the availability of renting a house near his job location or near his workplace at a very apt rate of renting. The center has visited different places and real estate agents to find suitable houses for rent. This issue may waste his precious time. He has to find a suitable real estate agent and then a suitable residency on suitable rent. He, a renter tries his best to have a house on rent near his job location.

Residence near supermarkets or educational institutions:

Location is very important in rental property. While renting a house a renter has to observe so many things, the availability of important things near his residency. He likes to have supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, educational institutions near his residency. He also likes to have good hospitals and medical stores near his residency. If he is living with his family comprising kids, he then prefers residency which is closest to the schools and educational institutions. Because education for children is very important, this is why he likes to have his residency near schools, colleges, and universities.

Uncertainty in house rents:

The most noticeable problem a renter has is the problem of the increase in rents and the uncertainty of rent disturbs him a lot. Increment in rents every year is a source of stress for a renter. No doubt, in agreement everything is decided including increment of rent but sometimes landowners demand more money from the renter in the disguise of damages of the house. 

Temporary living:

The other disadvantage of renting a house is that you cannot live in a house permanently, you may be evacuated by the landowner.  This uncertainty creates a sense of insecurity, though the law is there to protect the rights of renter or tenant the law machinery is very slow to provide justice. Maybe you would like to get your place clean one day, read an article about why you should hire a cleaner here.

Bound to adjust with the construction and size of the house:

The other pitfall of renting a house is that a renter has to adjust to the construction and damages of the house. He has no right to expand the size of the house in any way.

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