Exploring the world of sex, can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many elements involved in it, that you might not know where to start. There’s masturbation, sexual intercourse, foreplay, kinks and sex toys. You can start slow, and soon enough you will know the in’s and out’s of the whole thing.

You are probably here because you are just in the beginning stages of sexual exploration. You might have started with masturbation, but now you want to advance to another level. Maybe you want to try out something different. Well, the next possible step for you to take for your solo masturbation sessions are to try out sex toys.

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Sex toys, also known for adult toys, are built for the sole purpose of pleasure. People usually use them in solo masturbation sessions, but they can also be used with your partner. The sex toy industry produces various types of toys for all sorts of kinks, pleasures, and fetishes. Sex toys can be used by anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. 

If you are interested in trying out a sex toy for the first time in your life, but are unsure where to start? Keep reading for sex toy suggestions for beginners like yourself. 


Vibrators function exactly like they are described. They vibrate at different intensities, stimulating the pleasure areas of our bodies. They are usually associated with female masturbation, because they are used for clitoral stimulation. However, there are several other vibrators that can be used by people that don’t identify as women. These vibrators are in all shapes and sizes. Some come in discreet packaging and form, so that you can bring them anywhere and everywhere. So, if you want to be stimulated by the different intensities of the vibrators, you can start by buying them. You can start small, then slowly move onto the bigger ones. Check out Secret Cherry Best Vibrator Malaysia, for various types of sex toys. 

Secret Cherry Best Vibrator Malaysia


Next, we have the dildos. These dildos are designed to imitate the phallic structure of the male genitalia. They come in various lengths, girths and textures. Yes, you heard that right, textures. Some people enjoy the veiny sensation of the male genitalia, so designers incorporate them into the dildo. This sex toy is usually used for penetration of the body orifices. They can be strapped on for sexual intercourse, they can be stuck on walls for self-riding, or even vibrate as well. 

Some dildos even imitate alien genitalia.  No, it is not a joke. These dildos usually imitate octopus tentacles, or genitalia. A certain number of humans enjoy the feeling of being pleased by a creature that is unorthodox. So, these dildos are there to quench their thirst. But, you do not have to start there, just buy a simple dildo and use it. From there, you can figure out your desires. So, if you are ready to use a dildo, remember to buy lube along with it. This item will enhance your experience with it, but also make it safe for your genitalia. 

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