As we all know, a lot of roofing materials are needed to build a house, one of which is roofing tiles. When it comes to roof tiles, how do we go about choosing them when building a house.

Some of the metal tiles themselves are made of aluminised zinc steel, which is a very stable substrate and only needs to be used as a substrate with an adhesive to make metal tiles, and it is available in a wide range of colours and types, making it more selective in roofing construction.

There are many options in terms of shape and colour, such as antique, Roman and chevron, and the tiles are completely fireproof and will not burn when they meet fire. At the same time, metal tiles can also withstand some bad weather, such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc. When there is extreme bad weather metal tiles are extremely resistant to earthquakes and wind, and rarely fall off, which can reduce secondary damage to a certain extent. No matter if your self-built house is a wooden house, steel structure, or concrete are available, moisture-resistant, corrosion-resistant, with decades no problem at all.

Green Metal Roof on an old Wood Building

The light weight of metal tiles reduces the load on the building structure. This is not possible with traditional cement tiles, which are heavy, breakable and require a lot of steel, cement and timber, as well as delaying the process and wasting raw materials during transport and installation.

Metal tiles are a soft material that can be used for all roofing needs and are suitable for geometric and heterogeneous roofing systems. They are easy to handle and cut and do not result in wasted materials. Although the price of metal tiles is higher than that of cement tiles, their service life and convenience are significantly better than those of cement tiles, which makes them a good value for money. Hence, it is necessary to install metal roof on your house. 

Secondly, the rich colours are not easy to fade, the shape is beautiful and three-dimensional, after paving can make the building roof with a sense of smooth curve, concave and convex orderly layer and natural stone sense of heaviness, enhance the decorative effect of the roof, to achieve the harmony of roof and wall, building and environment. With more than ten colours to choose from, it is possible to achieve harmony between the roof, the wall, the building and the environment.  

At the moment we are all advocating a green environment, and metal tiles fit the bill. All green materials are used to avoid pollution of the person and the environment. From these aspects, it can be seen that coloured stone metal tiles are now a more compatible roofing material, and it is these welcome advantages that greatly enhance the value of metal tiles.