The mediator panel is an act of arbitration that takes place between parties who seek for dispute resolution. This panel serves as the neutralizer for the conflict that has occurred. Through the mediator panel,arising problems like conflicts, feud, fights, arguments are able to be settled down by the involvement of the tribunal arbitration department from AIAC. 

As we all know the AIAC is an Asian International Arbitration Centre which has served for more than 50 years and has expertise itself in non litigation fields in solving cases. As to some you might not know, non litigation means, no involvement of the court and all of the hearing that we generally know will be conducted at a preferred place by the tribunal of the AIAC representative or the people whom the hearing might concern. With that being said, the courtroom will not partake in this mediator panel, as this is done outside a courtroom. 

Mediator Panel

What Role Does A Mediator Panel Have?

The mediator panel works in helping parties to come to a solution or to an agreement where both parties can agree upon it. The mediator panel involves itself in a passive manner by being neutral towards both parties. Hence, the role that most of these mediator panels hold are, the intervention of a conflict by providing parties that are affected through this dispute to work together to find a resolution by guiding them throughout the entire process. Moreover, even though the mediator panel does seem to be an effective tool to make use of, yet the reality in this panel is that none of these mediators has the power of decision making. They are presented throughout the argument or the case to be a guider that assists the parties voluntarily.

Perks Of Getting Mediator Panel

Getting a mediator panel service for your dispute is definitely a great choice. Yet it is important to remember as to what kind of cases that the mediator panel often deals with. For example, the mediator panel is a qualified attorney who works and encourages a speedy and economical settlement of civil action implemented by civilians. In addition, the mediator panel is also another way of saving your money and time. Since, the mediator panel is more prone to a quick and less time and money consuming method compared to a courtroom method, this makes almost half of disputes and conflicts to be settle outside the courtroom with the help of mediators.

In conclusion, there are many parties who resort to the help of a mediator panel to solve their issues and matters. The effectiveness of these mediator panels is no doubt yet the severity of the case that follows solely depends on the parties, because it is a non-litigation method. Adding to this is why it is always good to seek advice from the mediator panel’s representative regarding the conflict that you are facing to see the severity of the case that you would be dealing with in the near future.

Mediator Panel
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