The purchase of laboratory equipment is not a casual affair and involves all aspects. What aspects need to be considered in order to achieve the desired use of intelligent laboratory construction?

The durability of intelligent laboratory equipment

Choose intelligent laboratory furniture products, durability is the basic requirements of intelligent laboratory equipment, the current domestic production of intelligent laboratory equipment manufacturers are few, in a handful of equipment manufacturers, the production of intelligent laboratory furniture and many of the fixed installation method, its drawbacks are obvious, for the laboratory re-layout is difficult and impractical. While Tianzhi Industry uses durable modular combination types, it is more convenient and solves the drawbacks of experimental construction.

Personalisation of intelligent laboratory equipment

Personalisation of intelligent laboratory equipment is a procurement method that meets the ideal needs of the customer and is currently the preferred method for most primary and secondary schools. Personalisation allows you to customise the right size of laboratory equipment to meet your actual teaching needs, according to the specific dimensions of your laboratory space.

Long-term planning

Intelligent laboratory equipment is a large and durable consumable, its service life is usually more than ten years, and the price is not expensive. Therefore, detailed planning should be done in the early stages of procurement, not only to meet the current research needs of the laboratory, but also to meet the needs of different stages of the laboratory and to adapt to future developments.

The purchase of laboratory furniture should first be subordinated to and serve the characteristics and conditions of the overall medical services of the hospital in which they are located, which is a major premise that should be fully justified beforehand, and the type and grade of the instruments selected should not be overly beyond reality and cause waste, but, at the same time, be somewhat forward-looking. With limited financial resources and actual usage, the condition of laboratory instruments should be gradually renovated and updated in a planned manner. Once the purchase of the project and the grade of the instrument is determined, the first work is to collect the category, the grade of the instrument many brands of relevant technical information, to understand the offer and the actual price, marketing agencies and manufacturers of qualifications, reputation, market share, after-sales service and other information also in the collection, the acquisition of these information, can be obtained through meetings, telephone and consulting users and other ways, and then the information obtained Analysis and validation. 

For the choice of the manufacturer who provides the instrument, you can analyse the information provided by them to understand some basic information. In particular, it is proposed that you should make full use of the user directory provided by the manufacturer and consult selectively and purposefully, and you can also use the opportunity of quality control meetings to ask for advice from peers who have used this type of instrument, focusing on the performance, price, daily consumption and after-sales service of the instrument, etc. The information obtained from this channel The information obtained from this source is more authentic and reliable than that provided by the manufacturer. Only by choosing the brand, model and supplier of an instrument in this way is it possible to minimise the risk of purchasing and to ensure its usefulness.